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Ford really is a name you can trust – this company sets the benchmark when it comes to commercial vehicles, and with the catchphrase ‘Go Further’ it is obvious that Ford continues to grow and evolve to make its Ford Transit and Ford Ranger vehicles better and better every time.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, Ford has included a number of features to ensure that anyone running a business can rely on their vehicles, and be assured that they will be built with the highest build quality to be durable enough to let you get on with your business.

So what features has Ford included in its commercial vehicles? First off, there’s the Ford Kinetic Designs – the company’s designers have been busy at work making the new vehicles look more dynamic than ever before.  These vans look like they mean business and their bold, dynamic looks stand them apart from more run-of-the-mill, everyday commercial vehicles. These feature bold dynamic lines, that look good whether they’re parked or on the move – and will really make an impact when you want to make an impression on your customers.

Ford says that even after your vehicle has given you years of service it should drive as well as it did when you picked it up on the first day.

Ford knows that green credentials are important for business owners – if you take care of the environment, your customers will appreciate it – and know that you take care in your business. That’s why Ford has included its advanced Ford ECOnetic technology, which helps every vehicle to have improved fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions – and – ultimately, results in lower running costs for you.

As you spend so much of your day in your commercial vehicle, of course you want to feel safe – and Ford is constantly evolving its safety features, to ensure that you are keep as safe as possible should the worst happen.

Ford vehicles are not only smart on the outside though – they have lots of clever features, such as windscreen wipers that sense if it is raining and switch themselves on, and headlights that know when it’s dark – so you can concentrate on the road.

If you want a good-looking vehicle that works hard and takes you to even the most remote locations, take a look at the Ranger pickup.  The Ranger has a new four-wheel drive system and offers great road holding in the snow or off-road.  It also has a great safety pedigree – it got the first five-star Euro NCAP rating awarded to a pickup – and pedestrian protection was a particular highlight in tests.

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