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Top 7 reasons to change your van

Published on Tuesday 30 June 2015 in The Shoestring Marketing Blog

Top 7 reasons to change your van

Change your van. Transform your business.

First impressions count.  If you're driving a van that's seen better days, upgrading it will do far more than improve your driving experience.  A new van will help create a better impression with potential customers, could positively impact the amount of work you receive, the price you can charge and ultimately your business reputation. Not convinced? Then take a look at this:



1. Improved potential to win more business

More than *50% of people asked say they would worry about how good a tradesman was if they couldn't afford a decent work vehicle.  Over a third said they would be concerned about the reliability of that business.  Leasing a new van knocks these concerns on the head!

2. Reduced running costs

Always filling up at the pump?  The latest vans have outstanding fuel efficiency.  For example the Ford Transit Connect ECOnetic model, due for launch later this year, delivers a massive 34% improvement versus the current model.

3. Keep your accountant happy!

If you own your current vehicle you will remove depreciating assets from your balance sheet by selling it and leasing instead.

4. Release the equity in your current vehicle to reinject back into your business

By leasing a new van, the money raised from the sale of your old vehicle can be ploughed back into your business.   A new piece of machinery, or extra manpower perhaps to help your business grow?

5. Include all your service and maintenance needs to and avoid the surprise of expensive repair bills

A new van means no previous wear and tear so lower maintenance costs.   These can be included in your lease agreement allowing you to forecast your budget easily.

6. Avoid downtime while your old van is in for repairs

No van often equals no work.  Losing just half a day's work while your van's in for repair can have a knock on effect not just on that job, but on the work which follows it potentially damaging your reputation.

7. It's cheaper than buying used on Hire Purchase

Buying thousands of new vehicles each year gives us massive volume related discounts making it very affordable for a tradesperson to drive a new van.  Leasing payments on a new van can very often be cheaper than buying an old van on hire purchase.

*Vanarama commissioned Populus to ask a series of questions about the condition of tradespeople's vehicles, August 2013.  2,000 people responded to the questions.

As our ad says: If your van's off the road you're not working, so what are you going to do?  Hopefully the answer should be clear now.


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