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Total Lease Care – what’s in it for me?

Published on Thursday 14 December 2017 in Van News

Total Lease Care – what’s in it for me?

Everything you need to know about our FREE Total Lease Care package...

After the UK was hit with severe snowy conditions, our Total Lease Care (TLC) package has never been more useful for drivers braving the winter weather this season.

TLC offers enhanced breakdown cover to our commercial vehicle leasing customers across the duration of their lease agreements and the best bit – it's FREE for the whole term of your lease.

So, how do we define TLC? Let's break it down…

  • Total – a pledge that means we cover absolutely EVERYTHING. That's anything from breakdown assistance and recovery, to tools insurance – we've got your back.
  • Lease – our main focus. We aim to provide the best lease deals for our customers, and with that comes this excellent package – and it's completely FREE!
  • Care – this is a company promise to provide the highest quality of care to our customers. Whether you've broken down 5 or 500 miles away from home, TLC ensures no man is left in the lurch.


The details – what does TLC offer?

1. Breakdown Assistance and Recovery


Available 24/7 and throughout the whole leasing period, this service is a brilliant way to guarantee RAC breakdown cover, should you ever need it.

And if the RAC can't fix the problem, we'll arrange for you and your vehicle to be towed straight home or to a garage, in order to get the problem fixed ASAP.


2. Home Start

Home start

Even if you break down at home, the RAC will still respond urgently and get to you as soon as they can.

Forget about trying to fix the problem yourself – just say the word and the RAC will be there. This means you will be minimising any time spent away from focusing on your business.


3. Replacement Vehicle

ford transit connect

We understand that a van is more than just a mode of transport, it's a mobile office and crucial means of advertising.

So, if the RAC are unable to get your vehicle up and running again within 24 hours, you will be provided with a replacement vehicle for up to 7 days – we don't want your business to suffer.

This means you keep your customers happy and can carry on your daily business, no hassle.


4. Tools Insurance


For your peace of mind, we also include 3 months FREE insurance for your tools.

If they are stolen, lost or damaged whilst loading/unloading, tools worth up to £1000 in value will be covered by insurance, this means you can replace your tools without dipping into your profits.


Straight from the horse's mouth

Here is Adam's story and how TLC helped him...

Adam discovered that his vehicle had an AdBlue sensor problem. He tried to get his vehicle in to a garage, only to be told it couldn't be serviced until 21st December!

Luckily, Vanarama advised him that through TLC, he was able to call out breakdown recovery where customers must be seen within 48-72 hours. Bingo – problem solved!

While this was great, Adam was left vehicle-less. But happily, under the TLC terms Adam was able to get a replacement vehicle through Vanarama. TLC saved Adam and his business important time and money, and more importantly, kept his customers happy.


Everyone's a winner

Ultimately, TLC attempts to minimise inconvenience for our customers, and in turn minimise inconvenience for our customers' customers!

We aim to protect professional reputations. So, if disaster strikes TLC protects you, your vehicle and your business.

If you have any questions about our TLC package, call us on 01442 838195. We are always happy to help.

For more information on Total Lease Care, visit our page here.



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