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Total Lease Care Terms & Conditions

Important information about Total Lease Care

  • Vanarama Total Lease Care package is FREE and EXCLUSIVE to Vanarama commercial vehicle customers ONLY.
  • Vanarama Total Lease Care package is ONLY available on commercial vehicles, vans and pickup trucks ordered on or after April 1st 2017.


What does Vanarama Total Lease Care include?

Breakdown Assistance and Recovery

  • If your vehicle breaks down, just call 03332 023 022 and the RAC will do everything it can at the roadside to repair your vehicle.
  • If the RAC can't fix it, they will arrange for you and your vehicle – and any passengers – to be towed home or straight to a garage to fix the problem.
  • Simply call 03332 023 022 to request RAC assistance.


Home Start

  • If your vehicle breaks down at home, the RAC will treat it like you broke down on the roadside and attempt to repair your vehicle.
  • Don't worry about trying to fix it yourself, let the RAC handle repairs.
  • Simply call 03332 023 022 to request RAC assistance.


Courtesy Vehicle

  • If your vehicle has broken down and the RAC can't get your vehicle going again within 24 hours, call Vanarama on 01442 838 192 and you will be provided with a courtesy vehicle for up to 7 days (subject to vehicle availability and eligibility).
  • A courtesy vehicle will be supplied if your own vehicle is off the road for 24 hours OR one business day.
  • A courtesy vehicle can be kept for longer than 7 days, but any additional days over the free first 7 will be charged to you, and you will be liable for payments stemming from this.
  • There is a fair usage policy for courtesy vehicles which means that you cannot claim or request a courtesy vehicle within 7 days of a prior claim or request.
  • Alongside fair usage policy, details of garage used for repair must be provided on every claim or request.
  • Like-for-like courtesy vehicle will be supplied wherever possible – subject to availability.
  • Courtesy vehicles may be branded with Vanarama signs, or the logos of courtesy vehicle providers.
  • Alternative vehicles may be provided in the case of refrigerated and / or specialist vehicles – e.g. Tippers.
  • To be eligible for a courtesy vehicle, you must be over 25 years of age.
  • Courtesy vehicles will not be supplied for customers leasing cars or vehicles on a short-term lease.
  • Distinctions in vehicle status, insofar as it affects a courtesy vehicle claim or request, will be identified as one of the following:
    • Immobile (static vehicle needs recovery and cannot be driven).
    • In need of repair (mobile vehicle, issue does not hamper driving, but should only be taken home or to garage).
    • Unsafe to drive (immobile or in need of repair, but issues mean vehicle is unsafe to drive and should not be driven by customer).
    • Simply call Vanarama on 01442 838 192 to request or claim a courtesy vehicle.


3 months FREE tool insurance

  • The 3 months of FREE tools in transit insurance covers your tools – up to £1,000 in value – if they are lost, stolen or damaged whilst loading/unloading.
  • The three months of free tool insurance is comprised of £1,000 cover, with an excess of £100 – subject to the terms and conditions included in your policy document.
  • Vehicles with canopies or tailgates that are not locked with the vehicle's central locking system are NOT covered.
  • Please read your policy document thoroughly, and call Vanarama on 01442 838 192 if you have any questions.
  • Excludes all pickup trucks without a lockable canopy, roller-shutter or Mountain Top.
  • Simply call the insurance provider – Lexelle – on 01142 965 426, and have your policy document and policy number ready.
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