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Lexus is the luxurious marque of Toyota, with the Japanese manufacturer focusing on hybrid engines and a premium, ultra-comfortable feel for all models under this brand. Cars in this range all offer refinement and class, alongside exceptional fuel efficiency.

The CT is the smallest model in the range, a hot hatchback design that seamlessly blends style and sophistication with the same hybrid engine as the Toyota Prius. Moving up in size, the Lexus IS is a dynamic saloon car with a sporty trim, whilst the GS saloon adds hybrid technology and advanced features. Both the CT and GS are also available in the sportier F range.

Those looking for a large executive car should consider the Lexus LS, a full size premium saloon that combines powerful performance with luxurious sophistication and a quiet, refined drive. However if you want a really powerful, thrilling ride, take a look at the RC sports coupe.

In the SUV class, the Lexus NX is the nimble crossover with striking looks, whilst the larger RX is the brand’s mid-sized 4x4 offering. Both come equipped with a wealth of features and hybrid engines.

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