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Ford Ranger Van Review

5 Stars (109 Reviews)
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Latest Reviews

  • Gary Mcdonagh - 07/12/2017

    Seems very good so far, hard to give a proper review as only had it a week. Noticed it is a little bit tail happy in the wet so having to adjust driving to suit.

    4 Stars
  • Craig Greenway - 04/12/2017

    Love it. My third one.

    4 Stars
  • Peter Hill - 30/11/2017

    Your telephone representatives described the car perfectly and there was plenty of on-line literature describing the vehicle. I am really please with it.

    5 Stars
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Our Review

Though the marketing from Ford for the Ford Ranger Diesel Pick Up Double Cab Wildtrak states it is aimed at the outdoor adventurous type, it is probably fair to say in the UK there is not much scope for travelling into a desert or across a mountain range to do some snowboarding. Where the Ford Ranger Wildtrak fits into the competitive market of commercial vehicles, is that it can carry a good payload, while its 5 seat cab just as aptly takes the children to school as any modern family saloon.

Due to its stylish, cowboy country appearance and five seats, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak has been claimed as a company car due to its commercial vehicle tax bracket being considerably less than a standard car.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is powered by a 3.0 - litre TDCi Turbo diesel engine, and can generate around 154bhp. It is configured to give a good low end torque and this cannot be disputed. Like most pickups it has a standard 4 x 4 transmission system whereby the driver can select from three modes: 4 x 4, rear - wheel drive, and a special low range 4 x 4 when driving over serious off road terrain. Ford have given the Wildtrak a slip differential as standard, and it performs well over uneven ground and rough surfaces thanks to the chassis and engineering quality that has gone into the design.

Traditionally, pick - ups give a bumpy, bouncy ride on the open road. This is heightened when unladen. This has been addressed to some degree by the Ford Ranger Wildtrak which still is a little bouncy, but thanks to a little adjusting on the dampeners on this model, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak does provide a smoother ride than most of the vehicles in its class.

The payload of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is around 1072kg and will give a mileage of around 29.7mpg. This is considerably less than most commercial vans but then it is a trade off between a good family leisure vehicle and a way of transporting materials from A to B.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak stands up well to other vehicles in its class, and despite the large alloy wheels, massive headlights and mirrors, not to mention the cowboy country appearance, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is not just for show as it can perform over all terrains as a good pick - up should.

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Customer reviews

Below are our customer reviews for the Ford Ranger. Want to have your say? Leave a review for the Ford Ranger now.

  • November 30 2017

    Perfect for my requirements.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 06 2017

    Few specs removed from the previous version 3 years ago. Heated windscreen, interior door handle lights, chrome sidestep.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    September 15 2017


  • August 09 2017

    Top truck thanks.

  • August 07 2017

    Excellent vehicle. Looks fantastic. Full spec.

  • August 02 2017

    A bit thirsty as expected other wise good off road and towing vehicle. Excellent for driver.

  • July 31 2017

    Excellent vehicle, comfortable to drive and has as much interior space a family hatchback. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 26 2017

    Really like it!

  • July 25 2017

    The best of all the Pick Ups by far.

  • July 19 2017

    I never test drove this model but I am very impressed with it so far and getting 30+mpg so far. A great saving over my old pick up.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 19 2017


  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 18 2017

    Very pleased.

  • July 06 2017

    Very comfortable and practical for what I need it for.

  • June 29 2017

    Great vehicle. I love it!

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    June 27 2017

    Everything I need in a vehicle.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    June 22 2017

    I love the look. It's so nice to drive and is great on fuel, so glad I got the ranger to any other truck on the market.

  • June 22 2017

    A great improvement over the previous model. A work horse & family car as well.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    June 13 2017

    Very Good.

  • May 30 2017

    My staff member loves it.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    May 07 2017

    We love it, there's loads of room and the interior is lovely even with no added extras you get a lot for your money.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    May 07 2017

    After researching all 4x4 pickups the ranger had good reviews and is the best on the market at this time.

  • April 13 2017

    Absolutely Love it..........

  • March 21 2017

    Very happy with it. Better drive than I was expecting.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    January 19 2017

    Looks good. Lots of room to carry steps and tools. The roof rack is good and the controls link with the iPhone work really well. Really nice dashboard and display screen. Fuel consumption not great but to be expected with vehicle that size.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    December 02 2016


  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 28 2016

    A really great purchase. So useful for our type of company.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 14 2016

    Its a good vehicle if used for the purpose it was leased for. The MOG isnt that great but I knew that before I orderd it.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 07 2016

    The Ford Ranger brochure clearly shows that the Limited comes with the sports (roll) bar on the back (mine didn't.) When I asked about this after it was delivered I was told by Vanarama that the Limited ranger came in either a 1 or 2, nothing about this anywhere in the brochures or your website and why wasn't I told about this or given the choice? Apart from this and the delivery method, your service was outstanding!

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    October 19 2016

    It suits my requirements for both business and personal use. A few more miles to the gallon would be great but overall it's a big motor and the comfort and gadgets make it worth it.

  • October 19 2016

    Best 4x4 on the market buy far, all the others are playing catch up.

  • October 19 2016

    Pleased with truck, glad I upgraded the wheels!

  • October 13 2016

    Very comfortable and good value.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    October 04 2016

    Love it.

  • September 02 2016

    Good all round vehicle with high specification.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    September 02 2016

    Good looking truck, very pleased.

  • August 25 2016

    Great truck.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    August 10 2016

    Good value.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    August 04 2016

    Beautiful truck, plenty of power and presence on the road, very comfortable and well thought out inside.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 22 2016

    Great run-around.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 20 2016

    Very nice truck, not the best on fuel but if you want economy go for the smaller engine. But I am impressed and more than happy with the choice.

  • June 22 2016

    Exactly what I required and fit for purpose.

  • June 22 2016

    Very happy, only issues are a lot of engine noise when accelerating and a lot of wind noise on motorways.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    June 17 2016

    Loads of power and gadgets! Reversing camera is spot on, lots of nice touches such as the load space lights and touchscreen display. If you're looking for a towing vehicle with bags of torque, that doubles up as an everyday run-about, look no further! Very very pleased.

  • May 27 2016

    Solid and classy good looking pickup.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    May 23 2016

    This is such a lovely looking pick up and drives just like a car. Fantastic.

  • April 18 2016


  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    April 15 2016

    Comfy, smooth to drive and just quality overall. :)

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    April 08 2016

    Very pleased.

  • April 08 2016


  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    April 06 2016

    High spec and very comfortable, a pleasure to drive.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    March 29 2016

    Excellent car with high specifications, easy to drive and ideal for work and pleasure.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    March 15 2016

    Very comfortable and easy to drive, fuel consumption can be a lot if your heavy with the right foot.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    February 22 2016

    It's just like a luxury car but with a pick up back, my first auto and I'm impressed, haven't had it long enough to comment properly but I really love it so far.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    February 10 2016

    It does what I need it to do as in it's a work horse for my roofing business and also a family vehicle that drives and feels like a car. Good solid motor.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    January 19 2016

    Amazing machine, vast amount of torque. Runs like a family car. I had a Navara prior to this and no comparison hands down luxury.

  • December 17 2015

    Nice pick up. Drives like a car. Comfortable inside. Only downsides are the way the electric mirrors operate - a setting that allows the mirrors to fold in every time you power down seems more logical than the manual process of pressing the fold button each time. The other is the engine noise is still there are high speeds; like the previous Rangers. Not a real problem, but a slight down side.

  • November 20 2015

    very nice.

  • November 20 2015

    My first pick up. All seems good so far. Not had it long enough to judge reliability yet. Economy isn't the best but I knew that before I ordered it!

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 13 2015

    Seems ok so far, but hard to comment on reliability and running costs after just 10 days. Beautiful vehicle though and looks great next to my Ford Transit now it has all the company livery in place.

  • November 12 2015

    We were really pleased. It's too nice to go go work in!

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 09 2015

    My previous vehicle was a Ranger which served me well for ten years and I expect this will be just as reliable great comfort, handling etc great load space and a huge cab which provides great comfort for all passengers.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 03 2015

    Amazing, amazing, amazing truck. Fuel consumption very good considering size and how heavy the truck is. My little girl has got 27 hidden disabilities and one of those is she is non-verbal and every time she get's in the truck her smile is as big as a Cheshire cat, so thank you for making her life better.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    October 29 2015

    Perfect all rounder for my business.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    September 22 2015

    Comfortable. Very juicy not getting 30mpg. Reliability can't comment as only had a week however airbag light was an issue.

  • September 16 2015

    Exactly what I required

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    September 04 2015


  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    September 01 2015

    Great truck, does exactly what we need it to do very easily....

  • August 19 2015

    Very happy, stands out, looks amazing!

  • August 10 2015


  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    August 07 2015


  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 23 2015

    No comments

  • July 09 2015


  • June 26 2015

    Nice vehicle.

  • June 09 2015

    I have been leasing these to customers for years and finally bought one myself. I used to drive the Nissan Navara and I find the Ranger better. The 3.2 engine is fantastic and even around the hills in West Wales I am averaging 29.5 mpg. I like the gearbox, I find the ratios good and the gear change smooth. I opted for the sat nav and reversing camera as well. I find the sat nav excellent and the reversing camera adequate. Super pleased!

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    June 08 2015

    Big and drives like a pickup not a car so need to be wary, but I am very pleased with it. Takes a bit of getting used to getting in and jumping out too!

  • June 01 2015

    Very impressed with the truck all round. Interior looks quality and all the comforts you'd get on a car. It's a little thirsty, but that may improve with a few miles on.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    March 25 2015

    Only had it a day, but so far very impressed. Will hold judgement until after the first year and usage gives a better picture of the vehicle.

  • March 23 2015

    Very nice. A bit plasticy in the cabin, but all the toys!

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    March 06 2015

    Very very pleased!

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    February 26 2015

    A good all round pick up which on the outside does its job. On the inside it's just like a good family car. Also, it's the best looking pickup for the money.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    January 20 2015

    Was pleasantly surprised how well finished and comfortable the pickup was and the ride is just like a large car.

  • January 08 2015

    Very good overall, a little high on the running costs and slightly lacking in quality feel, but on the whole very good at what it is supposed to do.

  • December 03 2014

    Nice clean pick up

  • November 26 2014

    Only received today, so unfair to comment yet.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 12 2014

    Hard to give stars on reliability, performance, running costs and value as I have only had the vehicle a coupe of days, but so far so good.

  • November 04 2014

    The best pick up truck on the market today.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 04 2014


  • November 04 2014

    Coming from a Ford Transit this thing is amazing! It has everything and drives like a car! My wife said it was like the Range Rover of pick ups! Enough said!

  • October 17 2014

    I love it.

  • October 15 2014

    Good value for money.

  • October 13 2014

    Very nice, exactly what we need for the start of our building projects ....Very me and comfortable with it.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 25 2014

    Great pickup with plenty of room.

  • July 21 2014

    Great truck, nice cab with a good spec.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    July 08 2014

    Great pickup with plenty of room.

  • July 04 2014

    The pickup is first class, very happy with my purchase.

  • July 04 2014

    The Ranger looks great, a real head turner and a excellent second multipurpose vehicle for the business.

  • June 27 2014

    Very good so far.

  • June 19 2014

    Surprisingly refined for a pick up, it's got a car like feel to it. Lovely driving position and road view. Glad I opted for the rear view camera as it gives You a bit more confidence when parking and maneuvering. Overall I'm very pleased.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    June 19 2014

    Very impressed and happy with the vehicle, certain sections I couldn't answer as need longer time to give a answer.

  • May 08 2014

    Great vehicle

  • May 08 2014

    It looks very good and am looking forward to working in it

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    April 08 2014

    very nice truck all round

  • April 04 2014

    It's big.

  • March 07 2014

    Excellent pick up truck. It looks good and drives well. Heavy on the juice but I suppose that goes with without saying.

  • March 07 2014

    They are nice but expensive.

  • March 04 2014

    Great pickup. Cab is comfortable and well equipped, the back seats are spacious. Average around 31 mpg which i consider pretty good for a big truck. It is a big truck but good mirrors and parking sensors means it fine round town. Vehicle is only let down by a slightly agricultural gearbox but it does the job and feels solid. Amarok rides a bit better but the Ranger is better equipped, cheaper to lease, and to service.

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    November 12 2013

    Can't believe how good a deal this is

  • Ford Ranger Diesel
    October 09 2013

    Good for the job I purchased it for

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